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Name:Bialar Crais

Bialar Crais was born on a farming planet somewhere within Peacekeeper-held space. As a boy, he and his younger brother Tauvo were 'Recruited' - ripped from their family and home to join the ranks of the Peacekeepers.

The rest of Bialar's history can be found in this post.

He left the Peacekeeper and went renegade, captaining the hybrid ship Talyn for two years before they were rumoured to have died.

Clearly as his mun, I believe they survived, and there is AU fiction posted to that effect.

Entries to this journal are either

Filler fic: Based during or just after aired episodes of Farscape. Most of the fic written for the prompt communities is based on canon.


AU fic: Alternative Universe. Or more precisely, Alternative Ending - Crais has survived and fic tagged as such are clearly not canon. [profile] lover100 prompts are all AU fics and feature an OC.

This is a roleplaying journal intended for use in various prompt and RP communities. Bialar Crais rather unfortunately belongs to the Jim Henson Company. All fiction posted to this journal is written for shits and giggles entertainment purposes and no profit is being made. Standard disclaimer for NC-17 content applies; content may include explicit sex, language, and violence.
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