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Written for: [community profile] justprompts
Prompt: Deteriorate by Demon Hunter
Word Count: 995 words (exc lyrics)
Notes: Set during Into the Lion's Den: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing most of the lines used are taken from that episode. Song lyrics are aligned to the right. This is the prologue to my AU fanfic "Resurgence"

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12.4 "And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him." - Bella Swan

He clearly remembers the first time Ella spoke the words he never expected to hear from anyone, not even her. Typically for them, it had been during an argument. And typically, he cannot remember what started it, or what it was about. Just how it ended...

"Why?" he'd thrown at her.

And she had stood there, shaking her head slightly with a rueful expression on her face.

"Because I love you."

Even now he feels a jolt of shock. It's not that he doubts her... he just doesn't understand.


"Because I do," she says and shrugs. She is smiling now, and yotz but she is so beautiful. "There is no reason for love, Bialar. It just is."

He shakes his head. She chuckles and winds her arms around his neck.

"You're supposed to say it back," she murmurs, her lips brushing his. "That is, if you-"

"I love you." His voice catches and he clears his throat, tries it again. "I love you, Ella."
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I tried cremation once. It is... not to be recommended. At least, not whilst one is still alive.

Sometimes... sometimes I remember.

In the middle of the night. Waking up sweating. Screaming.

Trying to forget.

Having died, I do make no plan to try it again or for what will happen to my body afterwards.

Bialar Crais
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